Richardson Studio


Bobtail Squid series of (glow) resins

Image of Bobtail Squid series of (glow) resins

This is my sculpture, Bob. The Bobtail Squid has always piqued my interest. This squid has a glowing relationship with bioluminescent bacteria. I tried my best to make this resin glow blue with a phosphorescent pigment that does indeed GLOW blue. I also have a more classical white marble, pearl iridescent casting. In this series of LIMITED SUPPLY I am offering 3 different castings: PEARL IRIDESCENT, BLUE GLOW and TRANSLUCENT BLUE/GREEN GLOW. Each casting measures 2" tall on a 2 3/4" diameter base. All the work is done by hand by myself in my Loveland (CO) studio. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.